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Here are the current and past members of our team. If you are interested in joining, please visit the Opportunities page.


Matt Regan (he/him)

Principal investigator

Matt is an integrative biologist who investigates how animals balance their energy economies to sustain life. He spends a surprising amount of time rolling over logs in search of animals and scanning the night sky for celestial objects. As lab PI, he's got his hands in all projects in some way or other. BScH Queen's University, MSc and PhD University of British Columbia, Postdoc University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Descriptors: student, musician, father, modernist, multi-enthusiast.

B-6423 Complexe des sciences, Campus MIL


Rémi Chauvette

MSc student/researcher

Rémi is a student working on the impact of experimental parasite infection on an endemic Quebec species, the sunfish pumpkinseed. His research is focused on the impact of the infection on metabolism and hypoxia tolerance over the course of two months. Rémi's experiments were done at the biology station of the Laurentides during summer 2022. He is now in the second year of his master's degree, busy working for students as the president of the student union and at the same time working on his data and memoire.

Descriptors: energetic, joyous, empathic, involved, dedicated


Alexandre Goudreau

Honours student/researcher

Passionate about aquatic life, Alexandre is a student working to better understand the underlying processes and mechanisms of hypoxic metabolic depression. To do so, he conducts experiments on the champion of hypoxia tolerance, namely the goldfish (Carassius auratus), by using calorespirometry to measure its metabolism under anoxia. He is in his final semester of the baccalaureat degree and conducts his experiment in the context of the Honors program.

Descriptors: passionate, curious, caring, meticulous, enthusiastic, devoted


Esther Meritxell Lanaspa Pérez


Intriguing info to follow.

-------------------- Regan Lab alumni --------------------

Laurie Provençal | Project title: Effet de l’infection parasitaire sur la tolérance hypoxique et le métabolisme du crapet-soleil (Lepomis gibbosus).

Amélie Papillon | Project title: Influence of the gut microbiome on hibernation's metabolic shift in an arousing hibernator.

Mathieu Lacroix | Project title: Analyse des données protéomiques des tissu musculaire de mammifère en absence de gravité.

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