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News + interviews

See below for selected interviews, videos and news features on our work.

Le Monde hibernation feature Link

CBC Découverte television feature – Link

New Scientist feature article on hibernation – Link
CBC Quirks & Quarks radio interview – Link
Toronto Star – Link
Nature’s Epyon podcast interview – Link
Pushing Boundaries with Dr. Thomas Verny podcast interview – Link 
CBC Radio 1 Let’s Roll radio interview – Link  
SyFy Wire – Link 
UdeM Nouvelles – Link 
Québec Science – Link 
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News – Link 
CTV News – Link 
Cottage Life – Link 
New Scientist – Link 
Inverse – Link 
Anton Petrov Youtube channel feature – Link 
SciShow Space Youtube channel feature – Link 
Science Alert – Link 
SciTech Daily – Link 
University of Wisconsin News – Link 
WeDemain – Link
Vice Media MotherboardLink
Science Daily – Link 
Journal of Experimental Biology’s Inside JEBLink
Journal of Zoology Paper of the Year award – Link – Link


Top image: Alta Lake, British Columbia, a site of field work. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Bottom image: The Québec Laurentians during autumn, near UdeM's Station de biologie des Laurentides. Photo by Matthew Regan.

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